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Explore Central & Western Europe

From sun-kissed Portugal and Spain to the romance of France and the fairytale landscapes of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary, this is a region of immense historical and cultural significance. Choose a European river cruise with Viking to delve deeply into history, culture and cuisine, and fall in love with the heart of Europe.


Central & Western Europe MapDiscover a place where legendary castles and ancient landmarks dominate the landscape. Where terraced vineyards line the banks of winding rivers, and where cobblestone villages and half-timbered houses showcase living history. Known for charming towns, historic cities, time-honoured traditions and delectable cuisine & wine, it's no surprise Central and Western Europe remains a perennial favourite amongst discerning travellers.

Think the South of France, where a river cruise takes you to the aromatic lavender fields of Provence and Lyon, considered the gastronomic heart of France. Or the Douro Valley, where you can sail Portugal's river of gold and roam the port warehouses of Porto. And of course, Central Europe's mightiest and best-known waterways, the Rhine and Danube Rivers - considered the quintessential European river cruising experience.

Sailing the rivers of Europe is the ultimate way to travel, because these waterways are the original highways. Having long been key thoroughfares for transport and trade, many historic cities and charming small towns are located on their shores, within easy reach of your Viking Longship. And with priority docking locations throughout Europe, there is simply no better way to get to the heart of this continent than with a Viking European river cruise.

No matter which river you choose, each voyage with Viking is designed to be destination focused and culturally enriching – it’s why we’ve become known as 'The Thinking Person’s Cruise'. Our bespoke voyages allow you to immerse yourself in the unique history and culture of each destination on a deeper level, offering a window into a destination’s rhythms of local life, it’s working world and taking you behind closed doors with our signature Privileged Access.

On this page, you'll find inspiration about the most incredible destination in this region, as well as information to help you plan your Viking river cruise adventure. Explore all the possibilities of Europe river cruising today.


Discover the world of Viking by joining one of our Virtual Information Sessions - free to watch in your own time. Simply register and look forward to an enriching, 45-minute presentation to take you deeper into the destinations of your choice.



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