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Explore South America

Delve deeply into the natural, cultural and historical wonders of South America - fast becoming one of the world's leading ocean and expedition destinations for adventurous travellers.


ScandinaviaThe countries that make up South America are as diverse as the continent is vast. This is truly a land of extremes, from tropical rainforests to glaciers and mountains, remote islands, ancient ruins, colonial towns and the most vibrant of big cities.

While an overland adventure may require months of preparation and planning to experience the region to the fullest, an ocean or expedition cruise can be a far simpler and more comfortable way to explore, taking you to multiple destinations while unpacking just once.

On a South American ocean cruise, you'll discover brilliant natural wonders, buzzing cities and vibrant, ancient cultures. Explore Brazil – synonymous with music, dance and nightlife at the same time as being home to the Amazon and her remote, indigenous tribes. Visit long and narrow Chile, with her vast landscape of natural extremes, from desert to glaciers. Head to Argentina to dance the tango while marvelling at the snow-capped peaks of the Andes.

Discover the wilds of French Guiana, or pop into Uruguay – South America’s smallest country which manages to pack more than its fair share of adventure into its borders. A Viking ocean cruise delivers the best of both worlds, with smaller ships that can visit both the larger and lesser known South American ocean ports, including the ability to sail the mighty Amazon River.


Appreciating a destination’s art tells the stories of its people, and its soul. It has been said that the basic condition required to appreciate art in all its many forms is a chair, a statement that’s never rung truer than right now. We hope you enjoy this virtual journey into the wonderful world of art, music, films and literature.


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