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Filmography by Port

Una Noche (2013)
Director: Lucy Mulloy
When Raul is accused of assault in Havana, he is forced to flee and appeals to his friend, Elio, to help him escape to Miami. But Elio is torn between protecting his sister and his own desire to leave Havana.

Miami Vice (2006)
Director: Michael Mann
Crockett and Tubbs find that their personal and professional lives are overlapping, with danger getting too close for comfort. This film is based on the 1980s TV action/drama Miami Vice.

Absence of Malice (1981)
Director: Sydney Pollack
When the FBI organized crime task force puts pressure on Michael Gallagher, a Miami liquor wholesaler and son of a deceased local mobster, about a murder they think was mob-related, his life begins to unravel.

Some Like It Hot (1959)
Director: Billy Wilder
When Joe and Jerry witness a Mafia murder, they decide that they must leave Chicago immediately. The only job that can take them to Miami, though, is an all-girl band. In their desperation, Joe and Jerry show up at the train station disguised as women, Josephine and Daphne, and mayhem ensues.

Havana Suite (2003)
Director: Fernando Pérez
This simple yet moving documentary follows the lives of ten ordinary Cubans in La Habana, with only sounds and images accompanied by music. Originally titled Suite Habana.

Buena Vista Social Club (1999)
Director: Wim Wenders
This documentary features legendary Cuban musicians who talk about their lives in Cuba. Footage includes songs being recorded in Havana and concerts in New York City’s Carnegie Hall and in Amsterdam.

Dawn of the Maya (2003)
Director: Graham Townsley
National Geographic explores new archaeological findings on a Preclassic Maya civilization, with roots 2,000 years ago, revealing that the Mayans lived in a thriving society, which included intricate artwork and massive pyramids.

Against All Odds (1984)
Director: Taylor Hackford
After Terry Brogan is cut from a football team, he accepts a questionable job from a friend to find his friend’s girlfriend in Mexico. He finds her in Cozumel and falls in love.

Fahrenheit Belize (2010)
Director: Edwin Francis Colon
This short documentary is about Belize’s historical past and highlights its independence, cultural diversities, sustainable efforts and the role of civil society.

The Mosquito Coast (1986)
Director: Peter Weir
After inventor Allie Fox becomes disenchanted with the American Dream and begins to believe that a nuclear war is on the horizon, he sells his house and moves his family to Central America to live a quiet life in the jungle. Their life is anything but quiet as Allie continues to argue with his family and a local preacher.

Spirit of My Mother (1999)
Director: Ali Allie
This drama tells the story of Sonia, a single mother who journeys from Los Angeles to Honduras to embrace her cultural roots and grant her mother’s request to perform a ceremony that will let her rest in peace. Set in the Honduran landscape and punctuated by traditional Garifuna music, Sonia moves gracefully into her new present.

El cielo rojo (2008)
Director: Miguel Alejandro Gomez
Berny, Manuel and Nestor are high school friends who have no plans for the future, partly because they do not think Costa Rica offers them any opportunities. The friends must handle their internal conflicts individually and as a group.

Quantum of Solace (2008)
Director: Marc Forster
Bond, a retired spy and a mysterious woman track down a world-renowned developer involved in a shadowy network of power and corruption.

The Tailor of Panama (2001)
Director: John Boorman
After a British spy has an affair with an ambassador’s wife, he is sent to Panama to uncover the president’s plans for the Panama Canal. He connects with a tailor, top political figures and gangsters, with the intent to topple the government.

After Words (2015)
Director: Juan Feldman
When a librarian takes a vacation to Costa Rica to deal with her midlife crisis, she discovers an unexpected journey full of adventure and romance.

Classic: Rain Forest (1993)
Director: National Geographic
Explore the lush, tropical rainforests of Costa Rica with researchers as they study leaf-cutting ants, basilisk lizards, howler monkeys and more.

Connected by Coffee (2014)
Director: Aaron Dennis
This documentary takes you on a 1,000-mile journey across Latin America and shares how coffee is connected to a troubled past and hopeful future.

Mayan Renaissance (2012)
Director: Dawn Gifford Engle
This thoughtful documentary shares the history of the ancient Maya civilization, the vision for the future of Mayan culture and wisdom, and their 100-year plan to lead humanity forward.

Journey to Land’s End (2008)
Director: Gregg Ensminger
This documentary starts off in at the red rocks of Sedona and takes viewers on a trip to California, before heading south to Cabo San Lucas’s Land’s End. Shot in high definition with cutting-edge photography, you’ll see Mexico’s captivating Baja Peninsula in new, colorful ways.

The Bucket List (2007)
Director: Rob Reiner
When two men with terminal illnesses meet, they decide to go for it and do everything they have wanted to do before they die. As they work their way through their bucket lists, the two men become great friends and experience priceless joy.

Ocean Oasis (2000)
Director: Soames Summerhays
This short IMAX film showcases footage from Mexico’s Baja Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean. Stunning footage of whales, dolphins, sharks, a coral reef and the desert shows the diversity in nature in this small portion of the world.

L.A. Confidential (1997)
Director: Curtis Hanson
This film is set in the 1950s in LA, when mayhem, corruption and murder reached new depths. Three very different policemen—one remorseless, one sleazy and one straitlaced—investigate murders using forms of justice that fit each of their personalities.

The Player (1992)
Director: Robert Altman
When Griffin Mill, a Hollywood studio executive, begins to receive death threat postcards, he assumes they are coming from a screenwriter whose pitch he rejected. Griffin only green-lights a few story pitches out of thousands, though, so he must guess who is sending him the death threats.

Easy Rider (1969)
Director: Dennis Hopper
Wyatt and Billy are young hippie bikers who are trying to figure out which direction to take in their lives. After hiding their money in their gas tank, they take a trip across America and soon learn that life is full of people fearful of change, people who want to break free of conformism and people who have a hard time making ends meet in their everyday lives.

The Graduate (1967)
Director: Mike Nichols
A recent college graduate, Ben, finds himself in an awkward situation when the wife of his father’s business partner, Mrs. Robinson, seduces him after his graduation party. The two fall in love, end the relationship and then Ben falls for Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine.

Gidget (1959)
Director: Paul Wendkos
After Francie hurts herself while swimming in the ocean, she meets Moondoggie, a surfer, and finds herself in the company of him and his friends. Moondoggie and his friends make fun of her but eventually let her into their clique and give her the nickname “Gidget.” Soon, Gidget is also surfing.

Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
Director: Nicholas Ray
This film tells the story of the moral decay of American youth and was deemed culturally, historically and aesthetically significant by the Library of Congress, and was added to their National Film Registry. It has won numerous awards, including Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

Sunset Boulevard (1950)
Director: Billy Wilder
In this flashback film, Joseph C. “Joe” Gillis tells the story of the events leading up to his death at a Sunset Boulevard mansion six months prior.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
Director: Tay Garnett
When a married woman and her lover, a drifter, fall in love and kill her husband, they must live with the consequences of their actions.

Double Indemnity (1944)
Director: Billy Wilder
After Walter Neff, an insurance salesman, falls for beautiful Phyllis Dietrichson, he finds himself tangled up in a murderous scheme. Phyllis is determined to kill her husband, and Neff knows how to make the murder look like an accidental fall from a train, which will trigger the double indemnity clause that will pay out twice the policy’s value.

Sullivan’s Travels (1941)
Director: Preston Sturges
When Sullivan, a successful, spoiled and naive director of fluff films, decides to disguise himself as a hobo with only one dime in his pocket to see what poverty is really like, he gets a reality shock. His producers are not happy about his actions, but he has a heart of gold and wants to make a film about the troubles of the poor.

Power of Pearl: The Farm Beneath the Sea (2017)
Directors: Ahbra Perry, Robert Taylor Higgins
In the Ring of Fire, a basin of the Pacific Ocean where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur, pearls grow. This documentary follows pearl farmers in the Philippines, Indonesia and Australia and shows how pearls impact relationships between workers and their communities. Winner of the 2013 American Documentary Film Fund.

The Last Reef 3D (2012)
Directors: Luke Cresswell, Steve McNicholas
This uplifting documentary showcases some of nature’s most diverse wonderlands. Footage from Palau, Vancouver Island, French Polynesia, Mexico and the Bahamas take you on a global underwater journey through exotic coral reefs, colorful seawalls and more.

Les faussaires (1994)
Director: Frédéric Blum
This comedy is based on a novel by Romain Gary. The protagonist is an author who has come to Tahiti to write a biography on Paul Gauguin.

Love Affair (1994)
Director: Glenn Gordon Caron
Mike Gambril and Terry McKay meet on a flight to Sydney, and their attraction to each other is too strong to ignore. When their plane is forced to land on a small atoll, they become romantic with each other, even though each are engaged to other people. Before parting, they agree to meet again in three months to see if their attraction is real.

The Bounty (1984)
Director: Roger Donaldson
When a mutiny takes place on Lieutenant Bligh’s ship, Fletcher Christian tries to get his men beyond the reach of British retribution, while Lieutenant Bligh tries to get his loyalists safely to East Timor in a tiny lifeboat.

Tiara Tahiti (1962)
Director: Ted Kotcheff
This comedy drama follows the story of a tough colonel and a refined captain who did not see eye to eye in the war. The captain adventures off to Tahiti after the war and unexpectedly runs into his former commanding officer who had him court-martialed.

Couples Retreat (2009)
Director: Peter Billingsley
When three couples agree to join another couple on a couples’ retreat, with the intent of having fun, they discover that they are required to participate in the couples’ exercises, and soon, each of the couples discover fault lines.

The Other Side of Heaven (2001)
Director: Mitch Davis
When a middle-class boy from Idaho Falls becomes a Mormon missionary in the remote Tonga island kingdom during the 1950s, he discovers friends and wisdom in the most unlikely places.

South Pacific (1958)
Director: Joshua Logan
While waiting for action in the war in the South Pacific, sailors and nurses put on a musical comedy show. The war gets closer and the saga of Nellie Forbush and Emile De Becque becomes a serious drama.

Tongan Ark (2012)
Director: Paul Janman
This documentary is a meditation on society, nature and the search for permanence in an ever-changing world full of chaos. European philosophy, music, art, democracy and science are subjects of Futa Helu, the teacher of the ‘Atenisi Institute.

The Dove (1974)
Director: Charles Jarrott
This is the true story of Robin Lee Graham, who, at 16, sailed alone around the world in a 23-foot sloop named “The Dove.” While traveling, Robin meets and falls in love with a young woman who is also traveling around the world.

Pirates of the Airwaves (2014)
Director: Charlie Haskell
This drama is about Radio Hauraki, New Zealand’s “boat that rocked.” Radio Hauraki was a pirate radio station that broadcasted in international waters in a boat named Tiri from 1966 through 1970 when the station began to broadcast on land.

Whale Rider (2002)
Director: Niki Caro
When 11-year-old Pai is certain that she is destined to become the new chief of the Whangara people, a patriarchal New Zealand tribe, she must go up against her grandfather, Koro, who is bound by tradition to pick a male leader.

The Piano (1993)
Director: Jane Campion
When Ada and her young daughter move to New Zealand for Ada’s arranged marriage, Ada is heartbroken when her husband sells her beloved piano to a neighbor, George. George offers Ada a chance to earn back her piano by giving him piano lessons.

An Angel at My Table (1990)
Director: Jane Campion
This biography drama is about Nene Janet Paterson Clutha, a New Zealand author who published under the name Janet Frame. The third of five children, Janet endured hardships as a child, including the separate drowning deaths of her two adolescent sisters and the epileptic seizures her brother, George, had to endure. Janet was in a mental institution for several years but became successful when she started writing novels.

Without a Paddle (2004)
Director: Steven Brill
When three friends are reunited at the funeral of a childhood friend, they discover a trunk that includes information about $200,000 that went missing with airplane hijacker D.B. Cooper in 1971. The three friends decide to continue their friend’s quest but are unaware of the impending dangers they will face.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)
Director: Taika Waititi
When young Ricky Baker is sent to live in the country with foster parents (Aunt Bella and Uncle Hec) because of his defiant behavior, he and Hec clash. After Bella unexpectedly passes away, Ricky runs away into the wild New Zealand bush, but he is followed close behind by Hec.

The Patriarch (2016)
Director: Lee Tamahori
This film is based on the novel Bulibasha: King of the Gypsies by Witi Ihimaera. Set in the 1960s, with breathtaking views of the east coast of New Zealand, The Patriarch tells the story of two Maori sheepshearing families, the Poatas and Mahanas, who are bitter enemies that must find their way through adversity. Originally titled Mahana.

Avatar (2009)
Director: James Cameron
Paraplegic marine Jake Sully offers to take his recently deceased brother’s place on a mission to the distant world of Pandora. Once there, he discovers that the mission is based on greed. As Jake bonds with the native Na’vi people of Pandora, he finds himself falling in love with the beautiful alien Neytiri.

When a City Falls (2011)
Director: Gerard Smyth
After two earthquakes killed 185 people in Christchurch, New Zealand, the beautiful city and Canterburians were devastated. This documentary shares the accounts of people who lived through the earthquakes, as well as their inspiring determination to recover and rebuild.

The World’s Fastest Indian (2005)
Director: Roger Donaldson
This biography drama is about Burt Munro (1899–1978), a New Zealand motorcycle racer who, for 25 years, tinkered on his 1920 Indian motorcycle with the dream of taking it to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to see how fast it would go. When Burt was diagnosed with heart disease, he mortgaged his home and charmed his way to Utah.

The Light Between Oceans (2016)
Director: Derek Cianfrance
Tom, a lighthouse keeper, and his wife, Isabel, live remotely off the coast of western Australia. After Isabel miscarries and a baby washes ashore in a dinghy, Isabel convinces Tom that they should raise the baby without telling anyone.

Lion (2016)
Director: Garth Davis
Based on the nonfiction book A Long Way Home, this film tells the story of Saroo Brierley, who, at five years old, gets separated from his family in Calcutta and then adopted by an Australian family. At 25, Saroo begins a search for his long-lost family using Google Earth.

Swimming Upstream (2003)
Director: Russell Mulcahy
This film is a biography of Tony Fingleton, a man who was determined to win the respect of a parent who was always overlooking him. After growing up in a troubled household and being disregarded by his father, Tony makes a commitment to himself to become the best athlete possible and prove his confidence and talents to his dad.

Careful, He Might Hear You (1983)
Director: Carl Schultz
After PS’s mother dies, his Aunt Lila and Uncle George take him into their home in Sydney. When his Aunt Vanessa shows up with rights as a co-guardian, she demands that PS live with her during the week. With Lila, PS gets to live the life of a child, but with Vanessa, he is forced to live a strict, staunch life.

The Tree (2010)
Director: Julie Bertuccelli
When Peter O’Neil unexpectedly dies, his wife, Dawn, and their four children are devastated. Simone, their 8-year-old daughter, tells her mother one day that her father speaks to her through the leaves of the giant Moreton Bay Fig tree that stands next to their house, the same tree that her father crashed his car into on the day he died. When Dawn begins a relationship with George, the tree seems to take on a life of its own.

All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane (2007)
Director: Louise Alston
Anthea’s friends start to leave Brisbane one by one, and she is tempted to leave herself. Michael, a platonic friend, talks her into staying, despite her growing desire to leave. But when Anthea learns that an ex-boyfriend is coming back to Brisbane, she changes her mind about leaving.

Muriel’s Wedding (1994)
Director: P.J. Hogan
After Muriel realizes that she lives a boring life in Porpoise Spit, Australia, she decides to steal some money and adventure to tropical destinations. Along the way, she finds a new, fun friend, changes her name and leaves her mark wherever she goes.

Fool’s Gold (2008)
Director: Andy Tennant
This adventure-romance is about Ben “Finn” Finnegan and Tess Finnegan, a recently divorced couple who fall in love again while searching for a treasure that was lost at sea with the 1715 Treasure Fleet.

Mabo (2012)
Director: Rachel Perkins
This biography is about Mabo, an indigenous Australian and national hero of Australia who is known for his role in campaigning for indigenous land rights. At 15, Eddie Koiki Mabo quit school but became the spearhead of the High Court challenge that overthrew the fiction of terra nullius (“nobody’s land”).

Pearl of the South Seas (1926)
Director: Frank Hurley
This silent black-and-white film tells the story of a pearl-diving heir whose air tube is cut and who is saved by a Thursday Island girl. Originally titled The Hound of the Deep.

Australia (2008)
Director: Baz Luhrmann
An English aristocrat inherits a large cattle station in northern Australia. When English cattle barons plot to take her land from her, she drives 2,000 cattle across treacherous lands to Darwin, Australia with the help of a stockman, only to discover the destruction remnants of Darwin by Japanese forces.

Love Me Again (2008)
Director: Rory B. Quintos
Arah and Migo live in Bukidnon, but Arah dreams of a better life. When her father has an accident, Arah makes the decision to move to Australia to earn money. Migo is devastated but does not want to go to Australia. Arah adjusts to life in Australia, fulfilling her dreams for herself and her family. After several years, Migo shows up in Australia, and he and Arah confront their past and their time apart.

Komodo Dragon (2009)
Director: John-Paul Davidson
The presenters of this documentary track down the mighty Komodo dragon, the largest living lizard species, and along the way encounter one of the world’s deadliest snakes and help to release turtles into the wild.

Eat Pray Love (2010)
Director: Ryan Murphy
A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey to “find herself.”

Toute la beauté du monde (2006)
Director: Marc Esposito
After the man of her life dies, Tina goes on a journey to Asia with the hope of rediscovering life after loss. Franck, Tina’s friend, accompanies her He is in love with Tina, but she is still mourning the loss of her love and cannot give Franck what he wants from her.

Baraka (1992)
Director: Ron Fricke
This moving documentary takes viewers around the world to villages, natural landscapes, forests, volcanoes and many other places to emphasize what is found in these places. Camera footage, without words, shows the good and the bad, eventually coming full circle.

Yasmine (2014)
Directors: Siti Kamaluddin, Man-Ching Chan
This coming-of-age action film is about Yasmine, a young woman who wants to win over her school crush by becoming a champion of silat—Indonesia’s version of kung fu. Even though Yasmine argues with her father and two best friends about her passions, she is determined to follow her dreams.

Palawan Fate (2011)
Director: Auraeus Solito
This drama highlights pristine Palawan and sheds some light on the concerns of environmental harm and exploitation of Palawan’s forests, seas and mountains. Originally titled Busong.

Subject: I Love You (2011)
Director: Francis dela Torre
This film was inspired by the ILOVEYOU computer virus that spread westward through corporate email systems and forced the Pentagon, the CIA and the British Parliament to shut down their mail systems. Victor is a young man who is willing to risk getting entangled in an international criminal investigation because he is desperate to reconnect with the woman he loves.

Shanghai Express (1932)
Director: Josef von Sternberg
This classic film is about Shanghai Lil, a “woman who lives by her wits along the China coast.” During a dangerous train ride to Shanghai, Lil rediscovers a former lover.

I Come with the Rain (2009)
Director: Tran Anh Hung
Kline, an ex–Los Angeles cop and now private eye, is hired to find the missing son of a powerful conglomerate boss. He meets up with a former coworker who now works for the Hong Kong police, and together they follow the faint trail of the missing son to a local gangster. Haunted by memories, Kline has a hard time focusing on his work in Hong Kong.

A Sigh (2000)
Director: Feng Xiaogang
While working in Hainan, Liang Yazhou, a TV screenwriter, is assigned a young, pretty assistant, Li Xiaodan. Yazhou is married, but the attraction between him and Xiaodan is strong and draws the two together. In order to be near his wife and hopefully avoid an affair, he returns to his wife in Beijing, along with his new assistant. Originally titled Yi sheng tan xi.

Last Days in Vietnam (2014)
Director: Rory Kennedy
When the North Vietnamese Army was closing in on approximately 5,000 Americans in Saigon, the Americans had roughly 24 hours to get out, with no official evacuation plan. With the clock ticking, the Americans managed to escape, but not before helping their South Vietnamese allies, coworkers and friends. 135,000 South Vietnamese escaped with the help from some heroic Americans.

The Quiet American (2002)
Director: Phillip Noyce
Michael Caine stars as a British journalist stationed in Vietnam in the 1950s who becomes friends with a seemingly harmless American (Brendan Fraser).

Three Seasons (1999)
Director: Tony Bui
As characters in this film come to terms with the past, present and future of Ho Chi Minh City, their paths begin to merge.

Indochine (1992)
Director: Régis Wargnier
This film is set in 1930, when French colonial rule in Indochina is ending. An unmarried French woman and her adopted daughter, a Vietnamese princess, both fall in love with a young French navy officer.

The Lover (1992)
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Set in 1929 during French colonial rule in Vietnam, a French teenage girl catches the eye of a wealthy Chinese businessman. A torrid affair ensues despite class restrictions and social mores. Originally titled L’amant.

The Sea Wall (2009)
Director: Rithy Panh
An exacerbated widow finds herself troubled when her adult children leave to find their independence, and at the same time, she must try to erect a barrier against the sea to protect her rice fields from flooding. Originally titled Un barrage contre le Pacifique.

Only God Forgives (2013)
Director: Nicolas Winding Refn
A prosperous drug smuggler in Bangkok’s criminal underworld is about to have his world turned upside down when his mother wants him to avenge his brother’s death.

The Lady (2011)
Director: Luc Besson
This is the story of the peaceful quest of the woman who is at the core of Burma’s democracy movement, Aung San Suu Kyi. The Lady is an epic love story of devotion and human understanding.

Heaven & Earth (1993)
Director: Oliver Stone
Based on a true story, this film follows the life of a Buddhist Vietnamese peasant girl who survives a life of suffering and hardship during and after the Vietnam War.

Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
Directors: Michael Anderson, John Farrow
This adventure comedy is an adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel about a Victorian Englishman who bets that with the new railways and steamships, he can go around the world in 80 days.

The Beach (2000)
Director: Danny Boyle
Richard, a nicotine-addicted traveler, finds a map in a Bangkok hotel that supposedly leads to a legendary island paradise where some other wayward souls have settled.

Long Long Time Ago (2016)
Director: Jack Neo
This comedy drama is about one family’s trials and tribulations from 1965 to the early 1970s. As they journey through the years, from a humble home to a modern flat, they witness their nation’s growth and face many challenges that require perseverance.

Entrapment (1999)
Director: Jon Amiel
When a highly secured piece of art is stolen, an insurance agent works her way into the life of the master thief with the hopes of finding the art. Thinking she wants to join him on heists, the burglar puts her through strenuous training before their first job together. With the promise of a big payout, the insurance agent seems to be enjoying the game.

Lust, Caution (2007)
Director: Ang Lee
After losing his wife and two sons, and two other women, Old Wu is losing patience with his attempts to assassinate Yee, an important official in Japanese-ruled Shanghai. Old Wu enlists Kuang, Mak Tai Tai and their drama student friends to finally kill Yee. Mak Tai Tai befriends Yee’s wife, then Yee. The assassination does not happen, but years later, Mak Tai Tai meets Yee again, and this time, she is determined to get him.

Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)
Director: Barry Levinson
When an unorthodox and irreverent DJ is stationed in Vietnam to bring humor to Armed Forces Radio, he begins to shake things up.

Tamil Nadu: Chennai, Pondicherry and Much More (2013–)
Director: Bill Ball
In Chennai, Bill Ball explores Fort St. George, the Fort Museum and San Thome Basilica, a church built over the tomb of the apostle St. Thomas by Portuguese explorers. What used to be known as Madras, Chennai traces its roots back to a small fishing village. From Journeys in India, a travel series focusing on the Indian subcontinent.

Guru (2007)
Director: Mani Ratnam
Gurukant cannot live up to his father’s high expectations, so he leaves India for Turkey to find work. When he returns to India, he wants to start his own business but does not have the money to make it happen. He seeks out and marries Sujata, the daughter of a wealthy man, but after they are married, Gurukant finds out that she has a dark past.

The Great Indian Butterfly (2007)
Director: Sarthak Dasgupta
After a young couple becomes frustrated with the sacrifices necessary to make it up the corporate ladder, they decide to search for a legendary insect, the Great Indian Butterfly, whose magical aura is said to grant happiness to the person who catches it. They adventure across coastal landscapes into the sun-soaked land of Goa.

The Lunchbox (2013)
Director: Ritesh Batra
When a lunch box service (the Dabbawala) accidentally delivers lunch to the wrong person, an unhappy housewife and a lonely widower meet, which leads to the exchange of notes through their daily lunch box.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
Directors: Danny Boyle, Loveleen Tandan
This is the story of Jamal Malik, an orphan from the slums of Mumbai who is on the verge of winning 20 million rupees on Kaun Banega Crorepati, a game show where contestants answer a series of questions. After police arrest him on suspicion of cheating, Jamal begins to tell his life story in chapters, with each chapter revealing how Jamal learned the answers to the show’s seemingly impossible quizzes.

Gandhi (1982)
Director: Richard Attenborough
This multiple award-winning film is about the life of Gandhi, a unique man who lived a life that encouraged peaceful existence, even in the midst of activism, politics, religious intolerance and the fight for independence.

Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara! (2013)
Director: Milan Luthria
After Shoaib, an underworld don, kills his mentor, he gains power, which he is able to grow with the help of his best friend and former lover. While visiting the area where he grew up, he meets Aslam, who also becomes his accomplice.

The Martian (2015)
Director: Ridley Scott
After an intense storm during a manned mission to Mars, astronaut Mark Watney is thought to be dead and left behind by his crew. Mark manages to survive with the shelter of his post, limited supplies and creativity. When NASA learns that he is still alive, scientists do what they can to bring him home, while his crewmates plan a near-impossible rescue mission.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
Director: David Lean
This adventure-drama is the biography of T.E. Lawrence, the brilliant, flamboyant and controversial military figure who led the Arab revolt during WWI. Stars Peter O’Toole, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn and Alec Guinness. The movie won seven Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Music Score. Lean won Best Director, and Sharif won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

Mysteries of Egypt (1998)
Director: Bruce Neibaur
A gorgeous visual survey of the history, ancient sites and natural wonders of Egypt as narrated by Egyptian actor Omar Sharif.

Death on the Nile (1978)
Director: John Guillermin
Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot (Peter Ustinov) must unravel the mystery of heiress Linnet Ridgeway’s death aboard the SS Karnak as it cruises the Nile. This all-star cast includes Jane Birkin, Bette Davis, Mia Farrow, Olivia Hussey, George Kennedy, David Niven and more.

Egypt Unwrapped (2008)
Director: J.V. Martin
A stunning National Geographic production that explores Egypt’s greatest mysteries, including the construction of the pyramids, the legacy of Ramses II and the story behind the Screaming Man’s haunting expression. Originally titled Secrets of Egypt.

Justine (1969)
Directors: George Cukor, Joseph Strick
When a young British schoolmaster and poet becomes friends with the wife of a Coptic banker, he discovers that she is plotting against the British with the intent of arming the Jewish underground in Palestine. When her plot is thwarted and she is sent to jail, he returns to England.

Kon-Tiki (2012)
Directors: Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg
In this dramatic re-telling of Thor Heyerdahl’s 4,300-mile expedition of 1947, the Norwegian explorer proves naysayers wrong by sailing a balsawood raft across the Pacific from South America to Polynesia.

The English Patient (1996)
Director: Anthony Minghella
A nurse in war-torn Italy volunteers to stay behind in a church to care for a dying semi-amnesiac patient, with the intent of joining her mobile army medical unit after the patient dies. But a man who is part of the intelligence service shows up at the church, and he is convinced that the dying patient had cooperated with the Germans.

Red Desert (1964)
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
When Giuliana realizes that she is unhappy with life, she runs into the arms of one of her husband’s coworkers. But she soon learns that her attempt to escape life does not make her any happier when she finds out her lover is not interested in her.

Délice Paloma (2007)
Director: Nadir Moknèche
This French-Algerian film tells the story of the sometimes resourceful, sometimes conniving Madame Aldjeria, who helps her clients navigate the petty dealings and favor-brokering of Algeria’s politicians.

The Battle of Algiers (1966)
Director: Gillo Pontecorvo
This war movie depicts the guerilla tactics used by Algerians in the Algerian War against the French government, a conflict that lasted from 1954 to 1962. Nominated for two Academy Awards. Originally titled La battaglia di Algeri.

The Golden Mask (1953)
Director: Jack Lee
When word gets out that a priceless golden mask of Moloch is said to be in a lost tomb, archaeologist Dr. Burnet, his daughter and a newspaperman go on an adventure to find the mask. But two crooks who are also seeking out the mask try to stop them from reaching the tomb first.

The Man from Cairo (1953)
Director: Ray Enright
In this British film noir, George Raft stars as a man who is sent from Cairo to Algiers to search for gold looted during wartime. He comes up against others searching for the treasure along the way.

Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion (1950)
Director: Charles Lamont
In this installment of the Abbott and Costello franchise, the comic duo play wrestling promoters who follow their star wrestler home to Algeria, only to get caught up in intrigue as Foreign Legion officers.

Algiers (1938)
Director: John Cromwell
In this American film, a notorious jewel thief played by Charles Boyer hides out in the casbah of Algiers, but is brought out of hiding by a beautiful French tourist. The movie provided the breakout role for Hedy Lamarr and was the inspiration for Casablanca.

Pajarico (1997)
Director: Carlos Saura
Ten-year-old Manuel travels to Murcia for the first time to visit his father’s family. Embraced by family love, spending time by the sea and surrounded by beautiful nature, Manuel gets a taste of love and adult life.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Director: Steven Spielberg
With nothing more than a diary that holds clues and a map to where the famous Holy Grail is located, as well as his missing father, Indiana Jones and museum curator Marcus Brody set out to find his father and the Holy Grail before the Nazis do.

The Last Run (1971)
Director: Richard Fleischer
George C. Scott and Colleen Dewhurst star in this story of a career criminal wanting to retire in the Portuguese fishing village of Albufeira. Reluctantly, he takes one last job: driving an escaped killer across Spain into France.

O Velho do Restelo (2014)
Director: Manoel de Oliveira
A different kind of meeting takes place when Don Quixote, Luís de Camões, Camilo Castelo Branco and Teixeira de Pascoaes meet in a modern city to talk about life.

Les Miserables (2012)
Director: Tom Hooper
Set in revolutionary Paris, this epic musical retells Victor Hugo’s timeless tale of Jean Valjean, who vows to turn his life of crime around despite being doggedly chased by Inspector Javert. The story culminates as turmoil engulfs Paris, leading to the Paris Uprising of 1832. Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway star; Hathaway won an Oscar as Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

The King’s Speech (2010)
Director: Tom Hooper
Before becoming King George VI, “Bertie” suffered emotionally from stuttering, which many viewed as a reason why he should not be king. With the help of a radical speech therapist, George is finally able to manage his stuttering and gain the confidence needed to lead the country through war.

The Queen (2006)
Director: Stephen Frears
Dame Helen Mirren turns in an Oscar-winning performance as Queen Elizabeth in this film that profiles the Queen’s attempts to treat Princess Diana’s death as a private family matter.

Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Director: Ang Lee
When Elinor, Marianne and Margaret are taken in by a cousin after their father dies, the opportunity for the young women to marry becomes challenging. Family disapprovals and a forced separation, as well as mismatched love, test the strengths of budding romantic relationships.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
Director: Mike Newell
This film follows Charles and his friends as they attend four weddings and one funeral. After wondering if he would ever experience true love, Charles, a committed bachelor, thinks that he has found the one when he meets an American woman, Carrie.

Young Winston (1972)
Director: Richard Attenborough
This historical drama tells the story of Sir Winston Churchill, from his unhappy childhood to his time as a war correspondent in the Second Boer War to his first election to Parliament at the young age of 26.

Blow-Up (1966)
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
This film is about a glamorous fashion photographer who lives life to the fullest. When he sees a beautiful yet mysterious woman in a park, he photographs her to her dismay. Originally titled Blowup.

A Hard Day’s Night (1964)
Director: Richard Lester
This British comedy stars the Beatles during the Beatlemania heyday. On their way to a London television broadcast, the Beatles find themselves sidetracked by Paul’s unconventional grandfather and Ringo, who goes missing right before the concert is to be televised.

Indiscreet (1958)
Director: Stanley Donen
This British romantic comedy is about an actress, Anna Kalman, who has given up on love. When Anna meets Philip Adams, a man whom she thinks is married, they fall in love. Instead of being a married man who is pretending to be single, Philip is actually single and pretending to be married.

Oliver Twist (1948)
Director: David Lean
Based on the Charles Dickens novel, Oliver Twist is the story of a boy who is orphaned when his mother dies after giving birth in a workhouse. Oliver is placed in a juvenile home but eventually ends up back at the workhouse; he escapes and travels to London, where he becomes involved with a gang of juveniles.