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Explore The Arctic and Antarctica

The Arctic and Antarctica: Discover the untouched beauty and pristine wilderness of some of the earth's harshest climates. This is polar expedition cruising to the ends of the earth - the Arctic and Antarctica - the ultimate adventure for true explorers.

Discover the Ends of the Earth on an Expedition Cruise

ScandinaviaExploring the world's most extraordinary regions - the Arctic and the Antarctic - is an opportunity to go where few have been before, following in the footsteps of famed polar explorers like Roald Amundsen, Sir Edmund Hillary and Ernest Shackleton.

Modern-day explorers who choose to journey to the remote, rugged regions of Antarctica and the Arctic by polar cruise are rewarded with awe-inspiring scenery and the chance to observe incredible migratory wildlife in their natural habitat. A polar expedition voyage takes you closer to nature at her wildest, in some of the harshest climate conditions known to mankind.

On an Arctic cruise to Svalbard - the northern Norwegian archipelago of frozen tundra, dramatic fjords and remote human settlements - wildlife watchers will relish the opportunity to witness animals like polar bears, arctic foxes and reindeer. This icy landscape at the top of the world may seem inhospitable, however it's guaranteed to deliver an incredibly rich travel experience. The best time to take an Arctic expedition cruise is during the northern summer from June to September, when the sun shines 24 hours a day.

If it's an Antarctic cruise you are seeking, prepare to witness towering glaciers, snow-covered landscapes, immense icebergs and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife viewing. On the Last Continent - the world's last truly wild frontier - you'll discover a world where penguins, whales and leopard seals reign. Prepare for a truly profound experience the moment you first set eyes upon Antarctica. The best time to cruise the Antarctic is during the southern summer, from November - January.

Viking's purpose-built ships will set a new standard for expedition cruising to the polar regions. When Viking Polaris and Viking Octantis launch in 2022, they'll feature a number of firsts, including the Laboratory, where you can partake in citizen science experiments with experts; the Hangar, for smooth, under-cover entry and exit from smaller watercraft; and not one, but two yellow submarines to explore the deep - and all included in the fare.

On this page, you'll find inspiration about these destinations, our brand new expedition vessels, as well as information to help you plan your expedition cruise adventure. Explore the possibilities of polar expedition cruising today.


More days means more to discover, with extension packages you can add before or after your Viking cruise or cruisetour. Enjoy additional days to explore your embarkation or disembarkation city, or see a new destination altogether with a choice of exciting cities.


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