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Explore Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe's vast tapestry of different cultures, countries, languages and even currencies makes exploring this unique part of the world a rewarding experience.

Comprising countries as varied as Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Estonia, Poland, Russia and Ukraine, these are lands rich in ancient traditions, from Bucharest’s 3,000 year-old Palace of Parliament to Belgrade’s Ottoman treasures.

The Danube, Dnieper and Volga rivers are home to authentic experiences, cities and towns for travellers who journey to Eastern Europe, and make a Viking river cruise the perfect option for navigating the region in comfort.


Eastern Europe MapDiscover the destinations unveiled when the historic Iron Curtain was lifted and feel the echo of soviet history, which looms large throughout modern life, culture and architecture.

If river cruising floats your boat, choose from a Passage to Eastern Europe river cruise from Budapest to Bucharest via Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary; or a journey to Ukraine and Romania on our Kiev, the Black Sea and Bucharest voyage. Alternatively, a Baltic Sea ocean cruise like our Viking Homelands itinerary will take you to hidden gems like Gdańsk in Poland and Tallinn in Estonia.

However you choose to explore, you’ll delve more deeply into the culture of Eastern Europe and stay longer in port with Viking.

A voyage with us is designed to be destination focused and culturally enriching – it’s why we’ve become known as ‘The Thinking Person’s Cruise. Our bespoke itineraries allow you to immerse yourself in the unique history and culture of each destination on a deeper level, offering a window into the rhythms of local life, it’s working world and taking you behind closed doors with our signature Privileged Access.

Explore the possibilities of a Viking Eastern European cruise today.


The best way to experience a destination is with the guidance of a local, and that’s exactly how Viking helps you explore. Here you’ll find our handy destination guides, as well as our top tips to help you plan your visit.


Discover the world of Viking by joining one of our Virtual Information Sessions - free to watch from the comfort of your home. Simply register and look forward to an enriching, 45-minute presentation to take you deeper into the destinations of your choice.



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