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Expedition Experiences

Shore excursions designed to take you closer


Encounter some of nature’s most fascinating wildlife north of the Arctic Circle, from polar bears to walruses, whales, ringed seals and Svalbard reindeer. In Antarctica, guests are likely to see seals and whales, as well as a variety of penguin and migratory bird species. The Great Lakes also house abundant wildlife diversity: moose, black bears, beavers, grey wolves, bald eagles, and a wide range of bird species can be commonly found.

Shore Excursions

Viking offers a variety of excursions, virtually all included in your cruise fare, from RIB sailings and zodiac landings to tranquil kayak outings and underwater submarine dives. Hike through magnificent landscapes and access remote areas, all led by an experienced team of experts skilled in operating in rugged and polar environments. Or try a unique experience with one of our exclusive, limited-capacity optional excursions.

Citizen Science Program

Science is an important aspect of your experience. Participate in collaborative science during your excursions with experiential activities or fieldwork, facilitated via zodiac landings, RIB cruising or submarine journeys. Viking provides every opportunity for our guests to further their understanding of the world around them.