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Explore North Africa & The Middle East

Discover deserts and world wonders in a region where history lives on in holy relics, ancient temples and mosques, while modern culture pulses in bazaars and souks. Welcome to North Africa and the Middle East, a vast region full of unique destinations that will inspire the soul and awaken the senses.

With so many different destinations located close to a shoreline - and to ensure maximum comfort throughout your journey - North Africa and the Middle East is made for water exploration.

Whether you choose an ocean cruise that takes you through the Suez Canal or a river cruise along the Nile - the longest river in the world - Viking can take you there.


North Africa & The Middle East MapExplore the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. Marvel at the beauty of Islamic art in Morocco. Discover an ancient rock-hewn city in Jordan. Retrace biblical history in Israel. Embrace Oman's authentic culture. Be awe-inspired by the glittering cities of the UAE. And don't miss the mighty Bosphorus in Turkey's Istanbul, where continental Europe and Asia meet.

North Africa and the Middle East are regions of immense cultural and historical significance - often called the lands where the foundations of modern civilization were laid. Take a journey of discovery on a Viking ocean cruise from the Mediterranean to Israel and the Middle East via the Suez Canal, or an Atlantic Ocean crossing that ventures to Morocco and Senegal. Or choose a country-intensive Viking river voyage on the Nile in Egypt.

However you choose to explore, you’ll delve more deeply into the culture of this incredible region - and stay longer in port - with Viking.

A voyage with us is designed to be destination focused and culturally enriching – it’s why we’ve become known as ‘The Thinking Person’s Cruise. Our bespoke itineraries allow you to immerse yourself in the unique history and culture of each destination on a deeper level, offering a window into the rhythms of local life, it’s working world and taking you behind closed doors with our signature Privileged Access.

Explore the possibilities of a Viking cruise today.


The flavours and fragrances of a dish can evoke fond memories of travels past, and ignite your imagination for travel in the future. We have curated some of our best-loved recipes, customs and culinary-inspired regions – and we highly recommend cooking along at home!



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